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Free Football Offensive Playbooks

Football Times Staff Flag Football Playbook
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NFL Football Playbooks:

Patriots Offense 2003
This has been floating around on the internet for quite sometime now. Download your copy of the New England Patriots playbook.

Urban Meyer’s Spread Option Utah Offense
This powerpoint presentation is thought to be the basic spread option offense that urban Meyer uses. It has been floating around on the internet for quite some time now. The verbage and language used is clearly Urban Meyer’s. See also his Bowling Green Playbook below. But nothing is better than our article that goes in depth into Urban Meyer’s Spread Option Offense.

Free College Football Play Books:

Bowling Green Offensive Playbook from 2002 with Urban Meyer

Youth Spread Offense

Spurrier Fun N Gun Offense

Purdue’s Spread Offense

Power Wing Beast Offense

Running the Beast Package by Jack Gregory

Double Wing Offense by Coach Gregory

Double Wing Bull and Bear Package by Jack Gregory

A 11 Evolution Offense

Purdue Ace Formation


Bomber Offense

Free Defensive Football Playbooks:

Bears Defense 1987

Defensive Installation Manual from Football-Defense

Tiger 53 Defensive Manual

50 rover defense


Understanding the 52 Defense


High School Football Offensive Playbooks PDF


2000_Valdosta_State_Playbook_Spread Offense


Referee Hand Signals

Texas Tech No Run Offense

Oklahoma Sooners Offense 1999 Mike Leach



Gun Spread Offense


Canada Flag Football

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