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Welcome home all backyard and playground football players! Welcome all flag football players! Welcome all coaches and organized football players! We are committed to giving you a place on the internet to call home. Please feel free to peruse our site, join our community and support our effort to provide the everyday football player an internet resource.

Here you will find resources for flag football players, playbooks, a section for coaches, and all kinds of useful articles to help you improve your game. Whether you are an expert offensive mind looking for new plays or a beginner trying to learn the lingo and basics of football, we are your new home.

Football Times  has finally taken off and should be flying high pretty soon. Riding on the coattails of Paintball Times, we feel that we have the staff, expertise, and experience to duplicate the success of Paintball Times for football players.

Paintball Times born back in 1993, and Football Times is just in it’s infancy. With the proper marketing and enough resources we should be able to create enough exclusive material to produce a very unique and successful website, especially with the backing of Paintball Times.

We hope you enjoy your stay and tell all your friends about us. We appreciate all the referrals and the larger our community gets, the better for all of us. The more minds we have discussing football, the better!

Editor in Chief

We've been coaching and playing football since the 1980s. Many of our staff are highly specialized sports trainers, athletes, sports medicine physicians, parents, and coaches. We love playing football and love writing about football.