I 24 Fake Blast 4 Circle

The concept behind this play is simple. Line up in the I formation. Start out the play like you are running a 24 blast. Then wait for the full back to get open on the circle pattern or out pattern.

The 24 blast part usually fakes the defense pretty well. Normally, you run the I 24 blast a few times so that you can set this play up. The RB (no. 2) runs through the 4 gap, hence the name 24 blast.

1. The QB opens up to his right turning toward the FB and RB.
2. The FB (no. 4) goes through the 4 gap like a usual blast play, but he avoids contact and doesn’t block anyone.
3. The QB fakes the hand off to the RB and the RB (no. 2) carries out the fake blast as best he can, covering up the fake ball.
4. The QB doesn’t turn around right away, but keeps his back to the play to carry out the good fake.
5. The QB then turns around and passes the ball to the FB (no.4 ) who should be wide open.
6. Meanwhile, the WR on the right side, takes off on a go pattern to occupy the corner back and the safety.

This play will net a lot of yards, or the 3-4 yards you need. This play has big play potential and is almost a screen play.

This play works well in backyard football as well as organized football. In backyard ball, the QB usually has the ball in his hands and there is not a snap, so you just go through the motions after that point. This is an excellent play and in backyard ball, the FB will usually be left uncovered. No one will remember to pick him up.

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