I Form Option Play

The option play gives you lots of options from the same formation while giving the defense the same look. You can run, pass, keep the ball and do all sorts of confusing things. This works great in high school ball and college and can be used in backyard football with your friends. In fact, if you start using this with your friends, they will think you are cheating and say it is unfair.

With I-Formation You Have Tons of Options

The play begins with the QB getting the ball (or starting with it in his hand in backyard) and opening up towards the fullback (no. 4). Your options are as follows:

1. The FB gets the ball and reads the tackle either going inside or out side of him (like an off tackle run).  The QB and other RB (no. 2) must still carry out their patterns and do what they would normally do to keep the defense guessing.
2. The QB fakes the handoff to the FB and keeps the ball and runs it outside.
3. The QB fakes the handoff to the FB, keeps the ball runs outside, but before he is tackled, pitches the ball to the RB (no. 2). The WR blocks downfield.
4. The QB fakes the handoff, takes off running as usual, but finds one of the WR or TE open for a pass.

The I Formation is one of the most versatile football plays to have in your playbook.

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