Pro 44 Blast 29 Pitch

The offense lines up in the pro formation with two split backs. Before this play you should run the Pro 44 blast a few times to get the defense to cheat or bite on this play. Then you can run this fake.

The QB opens up to the FB (no. 4) and fakes a nice hand off. The FB fakes that he got the ball and goes with his head down through the 4 gap. Meanwhile, the RB (no. 2) has gone out on a sweep or swing pattern as above. The QB stays with his back to the defense after the fake hand off and then pitches the ball to the RB (no. 2). The pitch should be a pitch type of pass, from the chest with the ball flying quickly to the RB. The RB runs through the 9 gap, or outside of the TE. Everyone needs to block in order for this play to work.

This play can always be reversed or fake reversed. How? The QB can come up to the line of scrimmage and call out loud “reverse” to let the defense know. The QB then can fake the blast to the no. 2 back and then pitch to the no. 4 back. Later he can let them know in the huddle that he will fake the reverse, then when he gets up to the line of scrimmage he can say “reverse” and then run the play as it is above.

This play works will in high school football where most teams use the run exclusively and rarely pass.

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