Pro 44 Blast

This is one of the simplest and easiest running plays from the pro formation. This play works well when you are trying to get a yard or two on third down. Even on first down, when the defense does not expect it.

The quarterback opens up to the FB (no. 4) side and hands off the ball into his gut. The FB hits the 4 gap between the guard and tackle and runs hard. The play is a blast type of play and is designed to be run quickly. The WRs and RB (no. 2) occupy the safeties and keep them out of the box.

The QB can also fake the blast and drop into pass mode. If you need the short yardage, the TE should be open on the short out. If you are looking for more yards, the WR on the far right is running a corner route which should be open. The safety on that side may bite on the run or fall for the post fake.

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